Attila has been performing for 20 years professionally and has developed dozens of new works. After graduating from Studio 58 (Vancouver) he specialized in physical theatre travelling to Paris to study at Ecole Jacques Lecoq. He stayed on in Europe living in Switzerland for five years where he worked under a master puppeteer and travelled with other companies to Ireland, Brazil and back to Canada. While based in Montreal, Attila worked for companies such as SaBooge Theatre and Repercussion Theatre, and then later moved to the Ottawa area in 2012 and has performed with Odyssey Theatre while continuing other projects.

Acting Resume

Drawing primarily from his Lecoq training Attila is a demanding and attentive teacher. Able to tailor his courses to suit any workshop or school curriculum, he is a fanatic when it comes to pedagogy. He makes everything he teaches immediately relevant and useful to the student. Implementing improvisation, choral work as well as masks and mime, Attila’s courses are always insightful and playful.

Teaching Resume

Attila has two professional writing credits as well as years of experience devising scripts along side collaborators. His first play “... and Stockings for the Ladies.” reached critical acclaim at both the Montreal and Toronto Fringe Festivals. His second, entitled "Whispers in the Air", was written as part of a residency at Geordie Productions and toured Quebec schools in 2013. Attila has worked as a dramaturg for student playwrights, is assisting Zach Fraser on his adaptation of Louis Riel - a comic-strip stage play, and is collaborating with his wife on yet another piece entitled "Lore".

Set Design

Through his varied experience, technical and cabinetry training, Attila has now added set designer to his list of theatre credits. From his work at Studio 58, to his work at the Centaur and Gladstone Theatres, Attila prides himself on doing a lot with a little. His work is all about making things fun for the actors and keeping the audience trained on the theatrical experience.

Set Design Resume