Zach received traditional actor training at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, highly unconventional training at École Philippe Gaulier in London, England & Paris, France, then specialized puppetry training in Montreal, Quebec. This has all shaped his work as a director and performer, where he seeks out meaningful projects that engage an audience through rich theatricality, with an emphasis on movement and visuals.


Zach loves the collaborative creative process and seeks to stage original works, adaptations, and new translations. In recent years, Zach has been fascinated by the world that can exist between traditional text-based actor-driven plays, and the magical universe of puppetry in which visuals and action dominates. This has led to a series of projects acclaimed for their theatrical inventiveness.


Zach began teaching theatre at the Neptune Theatre School in Halifax, Nova Scotia while still a student in high school. Working with children, teens and adults over a span of several years, Zach takes great pride in his work as a theatre instructor and movement coach, helping performers attain their greatest potential. While physical theatre may be considered Zach’s specialty, he believes in the organic balance between voice, body, authenticity and a tremendous spirit of play.


Zach was first introduced to puppetry by Jim Morrow at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia in 2000. Since then puppetry has snuck into Zach’s work as a performer and a teacher. In 2009, Zach enrolled in the specialized puppetry program at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Since then, puppet design and the coming together of actors and puppetry has been a central element in his work.