...and Stockings for the ladies

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Victory Day Streamers have barely landed and two Canadian airmen are sent into occupied Germany. Caught between the urgent needs of refugees and a military ill-equipped for this new reality the two young men face personal questions of conviction and purpose.

... and Stockings for the Ladies was our award winning debut production which toured Montreal, Toronto, the East Coast and Ottawa.

Based on the family letters of Attila Clemann the tells the true story of Ted Aplin and his colleague Stanley Winfield during their stay in post-war Germany. Sent as part of the Allied forces Disarmament Coalition they were stationed in Celle not far from the now infamous Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp. Ted


befriended refugees stuck in the camp and against direct Air Force orders did his best to assist them. He developed an ad-hoc mail system through the RCAF to send a receive packages for the refugees. He used RCAF vehicles and supplies to bring orphans out on picnics away from the camp. And he was responsible for numerous family reunions. He was greeted with a heros welcome in Toronto upon his return. He and his secretary Stanley Winfield became long friends after their work overseas and it is largely because of Stanley’s efforts that this story is known now.

Attila Clemann’s beautifully crafted play

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"...and stockings for the Ladies"

"... and Stockings for the Ladies" was self published in 2013 and is complete with excerpts of the actual letters, images from the events portrayed and an introduction by historian Mark Celinscak.


For information on purchasing a copy please contact us.


We would like to acknowledge the generous support and seed funding offered by The National Theatre School of Canada for this production