Louis Riel
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2016 META Award Winning Production
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Louis Riel a comic-strip stage play is classic Canadiana; compelling history about a fascinating tragic hero set in the rugged early days of modern Canada.

Based on Chester Brown’s celebrated graphic novel which so beautifully illustrates the story of this enigmatic historical figure, RustWerk ReFinery’s theatrical adaptation simply pops with the vibrant and stunning artistry of the original source. Puppetry, a natural theatrical extension of the comic-book depiction, offers powerful perspectives, rich details, and vivid lively storytelling. Louis Riel breathes in life-sized 2 dimensions, he mourns in shadow-imagery, and rallies his men in the voice of the actor. A piece of Canada’s history is sketched out on stage document by document, fort by fort, prayer by prayer, and battle by battle. Riel himself is nothing if not


conflicted; troubled by visions and personal discussions with God, he is a gifted leader in a time when defying the dominant society was a treacherous affair.

Louis Riel - a comic-strip stage play is at times charged in controversy and irreverent in its depiction of historical figures. None of them are left untouched; and all of us are left to marvel.